This is one of those times in my in life, where I feel I need to take time to pause and reflect.  Things feel relatively balanced. No drama, no major projects, nothing enormous consuming my life ( I'm touching wood as I write this). My work over the last year, has allowed me to come to some rather large realizations about myself. 

Perhaps my largest realization, to own my own history, to accept myself for who I am.  I am not living someone else's life, I am living my life. Who I am today, is a reflection of my past: the people I have met, the things I have done, the events I have experienced, the opportunities I have both missed and run with, my family, my family history.

I don't profess to have full clarity. I am on a lifelong journey of discovery, working my way, sometimes tunnelling my way through life. But today, at least for today, I want to pause and reflect. Today, I feel my past and my future are standing firmly together as one.

A Pause to Reflect # 1 - 1.jpg