I was recently asked to answer the following:

Describe your current studio space. What is working for you within this space, and what is not?

The question couldn't have been timed more perfectly. We have just finished moving, not only houses, but my studio space. Anyone who has moved their studio, knows our exhausting and stressful this exercise is.....not only to move the artwork safely, but to find, and set up a new and effective space in which to work.

Over the last six years, I have had to move my studio three time. My first studio, and one I worked in for close to ten years, had been specifically designed and built for me by my father. Leaving it was heartbreaking, but as we were moving provinces, became a necessity. My second studio, also a great space, was one we reconfigured from a preexisting structure. While this space may have suited the working style of other artists, the layout, and lighting, never fully suited my own personality. It's main problem, it was divided into two levels. The top level was too bright and exposed, the lower level, disjointed and gloomy. My third studio was in the basement of a house we were renting. Surprisingly, this space suited me well. Aside from my having to protect carpets and curtains, the working layout of this space was large, and cozy to work in. It taught me a lesson. With the right lighting, storage, working space, ceiling height, and easy to clean flooring, I should be able to create work anywhere.

My new studio space was a surprise. Also located in the basement of a house, the space had been specifically designed for the previous owner, a sculptor who created work on quite a large scale. When we visited the house, I was unaware it contained a studio, never mind one that would be suitable for me to move into. The space is excellent. High ceilings. Good wall space. An easy to clean floor. Sufficient lighting. Easy access to water and a washroom, and, ample storage. As an added bonus, the garage contains a further space in which I will be able to work should I wish to do so over the Summer.

I am planning for this space, to be my long term studio space. I am excited to see where my work takes me, now that I am fully settled in..



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