Self Identity. So fickle and multi layered. So dependent on so many things: our personal history, our family history, our strengths, our weaknesses, who we are, and who we would like to be.

I speak from my experiences only. My art has taken me on a tremendous journey over the last twenty years, a journey that has forced me to dig deep, stripping layers one by one in search of a better understanding of self. For as long as I create art, this journey will continue.

What have I learned? I have learned, that have I had slowly built a wall around myself over the years, a wall that has shielded me somewhat from the negatives, but consequently also kept the positives at bay. Everyone, everything around, I kept at arms length. I limited my attachments, to people, to places, to things. The why, is for another discussion, as is the what that brought my walls tumbling down. Know though, that when they did, I instantly became vulnerable.

I used to consider vulnerability a weakness. I now consider it my greatest asset, my strength. Allowing myself to become vulnerable has opened both my eyes and my heart. It has allowed me to feel empathy for others, to be kind, not only to others, but also myself. It has forced me to take my mask off, and reveal myself for who I truly am. And I like that person. I have a long way to go, but Iā€™m getting there.

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